20 Twisted Comics about Random Situations by Maritsa Patrinos

Today we are here to introduce you to another good artist whose comics will surely make you laugh. Meet Maritsa, a Brooklyn-based illustrator, designer, and creative strategist. She was born in Washington, D.C., and graduated from Pratt Institute in 2010. She is known for her twisted and often absurd comics, which explore themes of loneliness, anxiety, and the absurdity of modern life. Her work has been featured in publications such as The New Yorker, The Atlantic, and The New York Times.

She is well known for her Instagram account Maritsa Patrinos, where she presently has 113,000 Instagram followers. Her comics frequently show relatable characters trying to find their place in the world. They are frequently caught in odd circumstances that are both amusing and heartbreaking. Patrinos’ writing has been praised for its wit, creativity, and honesty. The emerging Yorker named her one of the most exciting new voices in comics. In the next part, you can find his finest comics.

Credit: Maritsa Patrinos

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#1. Insurance

#2. More Accurate

#3. Happy New Year

#4. Please don’t message me

#5. Gifts

#6. No peeking

Maritsa began her career as an illustrator, working on projects ranging from children’s books to newspapers and advertising. She later started making her own comics, and her work has appeared in a number of publications. She is one of today’s most well-known and prominent cartoonists. Her work has been praised by both critics and fans.

#7. Breaking mews

#8. Buying stuff

#9. Harmless ritual

#10. How do I know

#11. Bon voyage

#12. Modern architecture

Her artwork is characterized by its simple yet expressive style. She uses clean lines and bright colors to create characters that are both cute and relatable. Her comics are often full of humor and warmth, and they often explore themes of friendship, loneliness, and the importance of being true to oneself. She’s a talented cartoonist who is making a significant impact on the world of comics. Her work is funny, heartwarming, and thought-provoking, and it continues to inspire and entertain readers around the world.

#13. No sudden movements

#14. Back problems solved

#15. Holiday

#16. Looks Great

#17. Thanks Giving

#18. No One Cares

#19. The Litter

#20. Sophisticated language

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