20 Times This Artist illustrates Random Situations Through his Silly and Dark Comics

Today, we are here to introduce you a Norwegian artist or cartoonist who makes dark comics in order to illustrate random situations. The artist’s good name is “Torbjørn Lien”. He creates funny with dark touch illustrations in the comic series named “Chez Cuckoo”. The 54-year-old artist has been drawing since the age of 15.

A comic artist for most of his life, he’s seen his two-decade comic series translated into English for an international audience, and we’re sharing more of that with you today.He started a comic book called “Kollektivet” 20 years ago. His main aim is to make people laugh through his comics.

Currently, the artist has around 23.8K followers on Instagram and he continues creating dark comics with unexpected twists. We have collected some 20 of his recent comics for our readers to enjoy. Check out some of his silly and dark comics in the gallery below. Hope everyone will enjoy these comics. Have a great day!

Credit: Chez Cuckoo

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