20 Times This Artist illustrates his Life through his Adorable and Wholesome Comics

The artist behind all these amazing comics that perfectly showcase some of the many silly moments we encounter in our daily lives is “Rob Van Barneveld”. It’s great to realize how many situations surround us every day. So he decided to do what he does best and create amazing comics to share with the rest of the world.

The artist is better known as for his webcomic series “Puss loose”. He is also the owner of another webcomic named “Roodgras”. The artist illustrate all the silly moments happens in his life through his adorable comics. This artist’s latest comics ranges from sad to silly but of course, they are sure to make you think deep amid laughing out loud. He always makes 4 panel comics which are enough to elaborate whole story.

His content is always amusable for his fans that’s why he has currently family of 23k true fans on his instagram account.The artist wants to show that you are not alone and that many people go through the same things. We have gathered some of his best comics. Let’s take a look on some of his adorable illustrations. Have enjoy!

Credit: Puss loose

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