20 Times This Artist illustrates about Absurd Situations That Happens in Everyday Life

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Creative human beings have distinct approaches to expressing emotions, thoughts, and different  matters that have extensive reference to their lives. Some may do it through the use of songs, poems, and dancing, and similar to how artists do with their works, they now not only pick the interest of their audience but also tell the story behind each masterpiece they create.


Let’s introduce you to an artist who makes comics about silly situations that happen in everyday life. The artist wants to remain anonymous for his fans. He is best known for his famous webcomic series, “War Heads Comics”, which features absurd situations perfected by funny illustrations. The four-part comics revolve around two main characters, Jim and Brian, and some interesting moments from their lives are featured in the comics.

His comics contain relatable stories with a funny or tongue-in-cheek twist at the end, making them lively and interesting. The artist behind these comics manages to find humor in the silliest and most random of situations. His content is always fun for his 24,800 fans. Check out some of his illustrations in the gallery below.

Credit: War Heads Comics

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