20 Times This Artist Draws Dumb Comics Occasionally Based on Misshapen Heads

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Visual puns are a great way to convey dumb ideas. Artists often use exaggerated and absurd visual elements to convey the dumbness of an idea. This can include overly simplified or silly character expressions, disproportionate features, or comically large or small objects. Clever use of text and speech bubbles can add to the humor. Artists may use playful fonts, unconventional speech bubble shapes, or even hand-drawn text to emphasize the ridiculousness of the dialogue.


Credit: D. C. Stuelpner

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#1. Play Again

image 1720

#2. Can’t Believe

image 1721

#3. Where’s the beef?

image 1722

#4. Everytime

image 1723

In the world of comics, humor can be found in the most unexpected places, and D. C. Stuelpner has made an art out of drawing laughter from misshapen heads and the absurdities of life. With a unique twist on the conventional, Stuelpner occasionally treats the comic world to a dose of pure, unadulterated silliness. Drawerofdrawings is an Instagram account run by artist DC Stuelpner. The account features a variety of illustrations, comics, and merchandise that are both funny and heartwarming. She currently has a huge, genuine audience of 3,550 on his Instagram account.

#5. That’s what?

image 1725

#6. Someone is heading for sensitivity training

image 1724

#7. You will never catch me!

image 1726

#8. Sick Puppy

image 1727

#9. Batman

image 1728

Known for their offbeat and witty sense of humor, D. C. Stuelpner has carved a niche in the comic universe with a trademark approach—drawing dumb comics occasionally. These comics often feature characters with misshapen heads, a visual quirk that serves as the perfect canvas for exploring the quirks of human nature. The misshapen heads become a playful reflection of the oddities that make us all beautifully imperfect. Stuelpner’s comics may seem whimsical on the surface, but beneath the surface-level silliness lies a keen observer of the human condition.

#10. House full of cat

image 1729

#11. Moose stash

image 1730

#12. Beach Resort

image 1731

#13. Garlic Powder?

image 1732

#14. Deal

image 1733

#15. One more repetition

image 1734

#16. Sharks have smallest brain

image 1735

One can’t help but wonder what inspires Stuelpner’s creations. The answer is often the mundanity of life itself. Everyday occurrences and interactions serve as the fodder for their comics, each strip delivering a hilarious punchline that makes us chuckle at our own silliness. It’s as if Stuelpner has a knack for spotting the “dumb” in the ordinary and bringing it to life with a stroke of their pen. Through the lens of humor, they invite us to laugh at ourselves and find joy in the everyday absurdities that unite us all. So, the next time you stumble upon one of Stuelpner’s comics, be prepared to smile, chuckle, and perhaps even rethink the way you view the world, one misshapen head at a time.

#17. Hot Dogs

image 1737

#18. Nasty Squirrel

image 1738

#19. Be considerate of others

image 1739

#20. Leg Day

image 1740
image 1741
image 1742

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