20 Times Cartoonist Lisa Tanica Makes People Laugh Through Her Comics

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Having a good laugh with loved ones, friends, or even strangers online can build bonds and create a sense of community. Our enjoyment of wordplay, puns, and smart perspectives can open our eyes to new viewpoints. Different people like different kinds of humor. Perhaps you enjoy dramatic content, clever observations, or humorous tales. We therefore present to you yet another excellent collection of comics.


Let me introduce an Instagram account with the username Lisa Tanica. She is the female artist behind this comic series. She describes herself as the daughter of Satan. The artist currently lives in Spain. This exceptional artist started creating comics in 2020. She has 3,541 followers on her Instagram account. We have collected her best comics for you in the following section to make your day better.

Credit: Lisa Tanica

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#1. Fetch

image 2391

#2. Teenage

image 2392

#3. Torture of the soul

image 2393

#4. Hide and Seek

image 2394

#5. Training

image 2395

#6. Kill Everyone

image 2396

The artist says that she attends an elementary school on Earth. Afterwards, she goes home to her father in Hell. That’s why her comics are mostly based on dark themes, which include Satan. The main reason behind making such comics is that the artist has a fear of death and is interested in life after death. Her comics are mostly enjoyed and appreciated by dark humor lovers.

#7. It’s Huge

image 2397

#8. God Exists

image 2398

#9. So Bad

image 2399

#10. Any Questions?

image 2400

#11. Pet

image 2401

#12. Buy Bread

image 2402

#13. Psycho Path

image 2411

#14. God Exist

image 2404

She also creates comics about the hilarious situations that happen in everyday life. When she discovers that individuals can profit from it, she considers starting her own comic series. After that, she began creating comics and posting them to his Instagram page. But she is unable to make a profit due to her small audience. That’s why she stopped creating new comics. If you find her comics interesting, then be sure to share them with others.

#15. Hilarious

image 2405

#16. Just Fart

image 2406

#17. Play

image 2407

#18. Humans

image 2408

#19. Humanity

image 2409

#20. Forgiving

image 2410

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