20 Times Artist Trevor Makes Comics on His Observations of the World Around Him

Our hobbies allow us to escape the daily grind and focus on activities we genuinely enjoy. This mental break helps us de-stress, recharge our batteries, and return to our responsibilities with renewed focus and energy. For this reason, many people prefer to read comics in their free time. Because it gives them pleasure and feels good. That’s why we are back with another good collection of comics for you.

There is an Instagram account with the username Conspiracy of Birds, which is famous for making comics based on hilarious observations. The brilliant author behind this comic series is Trevor McKee. He has 1,215 followers on his Instagram account. His comics center around Trevor, a character loosely based on the creator himself, and his observations of the world around him. Let’s enjoy his best comics.

Credit: Conspiracy of Birds

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#1. Captain Wonder

#2. Tag me

#3. Not Sure


#4. Fish Sticks

#5. Halloween Costume

#6. Trick or Treat


The humor in his comics mostly comes from social awkwardness, misunderstandings, and the absurdity of everyday life. He says that he gets most of the ideas from his daily observations, such as while talking with friends, taking a shower, and going for a walk. According to him, the bathroom is the perfect place for getting the best ideas for comics to make people laugh.

#7. Excellent Point

#8. Bald

#9. Sniff


#10. Science Enthusiast

#11. Wonderful Grandson

#12. Social Deterioration


#13. Health Insurance

The artist has a unique and quirky sense of humor that appeals to a wide audience. His art style is simple and expressive, which perfectly captures the emotions of the characters and the humor of the situations. His comics depict situations that many people encounter in their daily lives, making the humor feel relatable and down-to-earth. If you find this artist’s comics interesting, then do not forget to comment about your favorite one.

#14. Limited Time

#15. Hot Trash


#16. Takes So Long

#17. Out of Control

#18. Spring Weather


#19. Lasers

#20. Valentines Day

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