20 Times Artist Stephen Beals Sums Up the Struggles People Face Working in Retail

Many common problems faced by retail employees include illogical requests, long hours, […]

Many common problems faced by retail employees include illogical requests, long hours, demanding consumers, and repeated activities. Together, we can laugh at these problems through comics because overstated depictions of these scenarios in comics assure us that we are not alone in our experiences and struggles. This is what the Instagram artist Stephen Beals perfectly sums up in his comics.

He is well-known for his web comic series, Adult Children Comics, which carefully portrays the difficulties and situations faced by those who work in retail. The artist portrays both realistic and uncomfortable conversations between employees and clients in shops and stores. he manages to connect with 21,400 people on his Instagram account. His comics are going to connect with everyone who has ever worked in retail.

Credit: Stbeals

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#1. Wear a costume

#2. The Store Manager

#3. Human less Resources


#4. Whole Meat Department

#5. Store is so creepy

#6. Hide out


He says that retail life can be a stressful environment. Retail employees can laugh off the frustrations of the day by seeing the humorous side of these situations. He creates comics about dealing with tough people, balancing work and life, and having trouble with customer service. He generally employs clever wording that humorously shows frustration.

#7. Need a replacement

#8. Several States Away

#9. Stupid Thing


#10. Supply Chain Issue

#11. So long Line

#12. Open at Time


#13. Problem with this Schedule

#14. Paying the power bill

His comics at some point convey a positive message, regardless of their occasionally hilarious mood. They promote the value of laughter and friendship when facing tough times. We connect with characters who remind us of ourselves and our coworkers. By seeing them experience these situations, the humor becomes even more relatable. Just click these links to access his comics on both our and his websites: HereHere, And Here.

#15. Does not panic


#16. Throwing up too

#17. Just Awful

#18. To buy walmart


#19. Vacation

#20. Job Fair

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