20 Times Artist Kimi Makes Comics About Her Experiences With Her Partner

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Communication is key in any relationship, but sometimes it goes hilariously wrong. Many couples have different personalities and habits. Comics can depict such moments based on experiences with partners and find humor in the relatable situations couples face. For couples who read the comics together, there might be an extra layer of amusement. Becuase we bring another collection of such comics for you.


Kimi Creative is the online presence of a graphic designer and illustrator on Instagram. The name of the creative author is Kimi, who is the owner of this comic series. Her work centers around creating cute and fun illustrations based on her experiences with her partner. By doing so, she is able to reach an audience of 8,036 followers on her Instagram account. You can enjoy his best twenty comics in the next gallery.

Credit: Kimi Creative

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#1. Having a Baby

image 2363

#2. Hungry

image 2390

#3. Spirits

image 2389

#4. Being Productive

image 2366
image 2367

#5. Nemo

image 2368

#6. Social Media

image 2370

She is the artist who enjoys creating comics, which they post on her social media platforms. The artist has had a love for drawing and storytelling since childhood. She thinks that creating comics is a natural way to express herself. She experimented with different creative outlets and discovered a passion for comics before creating an Instagram account.

#7. Winter Break

image 2371

#8. So Lucky

image 2372

#9. Middle School

image 2373

#10. Smells Amazing

image 2374

#11. Herbal Supplements

image 2388

#12. Making Friends

image 2376

#13. Halloween

image 2387

#14. Spooky Dream

image 2385

The artist is a big fan of comics themselves, and this love for the medium inspired them to create their own stories. She has personal stories or ideas they wanted to share with the world, and she felt comics provided a perfect platform for creative expression. Hopefully, you people enjoyed this blog. Do not forget to share it with your friends, because they also have a right to enjoy comics and make their day better.

#15. Morning

image 2386

#16. Hey Kimi

image 2380

#17. Weddings

image 2381

#18. Imposter

image 2382

#19. Heels

image 2383

#20. Beach

image 2384

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