20 Times Artist David Makes People Laugh Through Dark Humor Comics 

Laughter truly does have a lot of healing power. A good laugh can make your mood happy and help you see things from a brighter perspective. The key is to find what makes you laugh and incorporate it into your life for a boost in mood and overall well-being. For many people, comics can be a great way to laugh and smile. For those who love to enjoy comics, there is good news for them. They can enjoy a collection of new comics on this blog.

There is a well-known artist in the world of Instagram whose name is David Michaels. He is a very creative author from Canada who loves to make comics based on dark humor situations. He joined the social media platform back in 2015. Now, he has an audience of 14,600 followers on his Instagram account. If you love to enjoy comics based on dark humor and strange situations, then be sure to see his best comics in the next gallery.

Credit: Dtm Comics

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#1. Shooting Star

#2. Not Me

#3. Wishing Well


#4. New House

#5. Exercise

#6. Know


The artist goes by the username Dtm Comics on his Instagram account. He started this comic series to deal with his struggles and worries. He wants to spend some time alone on a daily basis. Then he got the idea that drawing comics was the best way to spend his free time. So he started drawing. Later on, he transformed his drawings into comics with a touch of humor.

#7. Christmas

#8. Positive Tests

#9. Secret Kitty


#10. Gene

#11. Ugly Without Leaves

#12. What’s Wrong?


#13. Golden Photograph Record

#14. An apple a day

Most of the time, he gets dark ideas from his observations and what he sees and experiences in his daily life. As the artist is a depressed and dark humor lover, that’s why he prefers to make comics about strange situations. He always makes comics based on four panels. But most of the time, his comics also have relatable themes. If you also find his comics relatable and enjoyable, then be sure to share them with your friends.

#15. tried to read the dictionary


#16. New Email

#17. Before Breakfast

#18. Help Me


#19. It’s not too late

#20. Hulk

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