20 The Doodle Demon Comics Shows The Adventures of Little Red Demon

The Doodle Demon is a web comic series that is famous for creating comics that revolve around demons. The brilliant mind behind this comic series is Kevin. He is a freelance artist who creates comics and animations. He consciously went into the depths of hell to pursue his artistic career, drawing inspiration from comics, anime, and cartoons. Basically, this comic series revolves around a little red demon who is running the show.

He describes himself as a devilishly cute demon, and his dark work reflects this with a fun and slightly dark aesthetic. The artist discovered his love for drawing and storytelling at a young age. He started doodling comics for fun as a child and gradually honed his skills over time. By making such comics, he has a huge following of 335,000 followers on his Instagram account. You can check out some of his best comics in the next section.

Credit: The Doodle Demon

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#1. Demon composition

#2. Halloween

#3. Treasure Hunt


#4. Be Responsible

#5. Bear in Mind

#6. Going To be great


He says that there are tons of resources available online for aspiring comic artists, from tutorials to online courses. He has taken advantage of these to learn the craft. Now it is well popular in the world of comics due to his fantastic skills in drawing and hilarious jokes. His audience always finds his comics amusing and waits to see when he will upload new comics.

#7. Trying to Expand


#8. Halo Wings

#9. Self Reflect

#10. The Story


#11. Almost Ready

#12. Low Battery

#13. Last Time


#14. Something

The artist mostly makes comics in a four-panel format. He has a group of characters, but one that keeps coming up is a little red thing that appears to represent the doodle itself. His comics center around humor and relatable situations, often inspired by everyday life. If you find his comics interesting, then do not forget to comment and share this blog.

#15. Ring

#16. Job


#17. Take a Look

#18. Death Wish

#19. Trick


#20. Let me Know

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