20 Teehee Comics Full of Awkward Moments to Make You Laugh Out Loud

Today we are about to discuss an artist whom you are not familiar with because of her lack of popularity. He does not show her name or his personal life. But he goes by the username Teehee Comics on his Instagram platform. He perfectly illustrates the awkward situations of everyday life in his fabulous four-panel drawings. He likes to keep his comic strips eye-catching and draws them mainly by hand.

He mentioned on his Instagram the word dead. A few years ago, Instagram banned his account, and he is unable to make new comics and does not continue to pursue her passion. As a result, there are few comics available on his account. Also, she has a small audience of 3,300 followers on his Instagram account. If you are in search of a good collection of comics, then be sure to read this full blog.

Credit: Teehee Comics

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#1. Scientific Invention

#2. Very Relatable

#3. Santa


#4. Trick or Treat

#5. The Clean bot

#6. Fidget Spinner


He draws a lot of inspiration from everyday items. His early comics revolved around embarrassing situations that happened in everyday life. The situations in his most recent comics are ridiculous but accurate portrayals of reality and everything in between. He likes to explore awkward circumstances because it attracts the most people, and it’s easy to make people laugh through such moments.

#7. Emergency Meeting

#8. Precious

#9. So Stretchy


#10. Feeling Down

#11. Sneezed

#12. It’s Comfortable


#13. Freezing

#14. Aliens Probably

He thinks it’s important to expose human weaknesses in the era of social media, when everyone is sharing highlight reels. He claims that it feels fantastic to come up with the observation that he enjoys laughing at himself and that it feels much better when it works and runs well. We hope you all like his comics as well. Visit our website frequently to see more comics of this kind.

#15. Sharpener


#16. Spark

#17. Cutting the Pizza

#18. Ghosts


#19. Want to be Friends

#20. Pet Hamster

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