20 Tedans Comics Portrays Random Situations With Surprising Twists

If you are a comic lover and are searching for comics, then […]

If you are a comic lover and are searching for comics, then you have come to the right place because we have every type of comic for you. On our website, we have a variety of hilarious comics for you. These comics are mostly based on four-panel, single-panel, and long comic stories. We update articles on our website on a regular basis. Now, we are about to discuss one more artist for you to make your day better.

Let me introduce you to an Instagram account with the username Tedans Comics. He is an artist from the United States and joined the Instagram platform a few years ago. He is the artist who makes comics based on his observations of the world around him. He has 19,900 followers on his Instagram account. The artist’s main focus is to make content that makes people laugh so that they forget about their worries. 

Credit: Tedans Comics

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#1. Do Not Worry

#2. Trying To Sleep

#3. Welcome Back


#4. Spider Society

#5. Turn The volume up

#6. Hurry Up


The artist says that art schools or online courses focused on comics creation can be a great starting point. He also did formal training in art or illustration before entering comics. He further says that many social media platforms allow artists to share their work directly with a global audience. The artist also started posting comics on his Instagram account.

#7. New Movie

#8. Weekend

#9. So Excited


#10. Going Down

#11. Absolutely Nothing

#12. Know Something


#13. Smell the roses

#14. Welcome to disney

The artist’s main focus is to create quirky illustrations full of humor. He takes his everyday observations and injects them with unexpected twists. He mostly creates four-panel comics to make his fans laugh. If you are looking for a good laugh or a mind-bending surprise, comics that portray random situations with surprising twists are a great place to start.

#15. Doctor Robot


#16. What’s this?

#17. Front Lawn

#18. Look No Further


#19. Leaving

#20. Dog Person

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