20 Slaughter Keys Comics Based on Random and Strange Situations to Amuse You

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Laughter can be a powerful tool for dealing with difficult emotions. It is a great way to confront uncomfortable realities in a safe and controlled way. Dark humor is used to break the tension in a serious situation. It can be a way to acknowledge the seriousness of something while still finding a way to laugh. That’s why most people prefer to enjoy the dark humor.


We would like to introduce to you a series of comics featuring bizarre and apparently unrelated subjects. It’s an online comic series that Emily made. She goes by the username Slaughter Keys on her Instagram account. Her comics often involve strange circumstances, puns, and surprising turns that surprise and amuse her 15,400 readers. We have collected some of her best comics for you in the next gallery.

Credit: Slaughter Keys

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#1. Dungeon Skeletons

image 2887

#2. Found Me

image 2888

#3. Deserve

image 2889

#4. New Piece

image 2890

#5. Seasonal Depression

image 2891

#6. Artist

image 2892

She hated to doodle in notebooks and other materials. She has no expertise in it. That’s why her comics are not very well designed. But the artist started reading other people’s comics online a few years ago, and she felt it would be interesting to give it a go. She began writing down ideas she found amusing and started posting them on her Instagram account.

#7. Comic Process

image 2893

#8. Sign of Life

image 2894

#9. The Fates

image 2895

#10. Makeup Adventure

image 2896

#11. Less Pressure

image 2897

#12. Indestructible

image 2898

#13. Tea Reading

image 2899

#14. Handsome

image 2900

She says that dark humor can be a way to express opposition to the harsh realities of life. Some people recover control and a sense of confidence by laughing at the most ridiculous things possible. That’s why her comics are not for everyone, and there is always a surprising twist in every panel of her comics. If you want to enjoy more such types of articles, visit our website in detail.

#15. Dentist Tips

image 2901

#16. Young Adventurer

image 2902

#17. Welcome Back

image 2905

#18. Shakespeare

image 2904

#19. Secrets

image 2906

#20. Sugar Free

image 2907

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