20 Single-Panel John’s Cartoons Will Surely Make You Laugh out Loud


If you are getting bored by enjoying regular four-panel comics, then there is something new for you. We bring you a fabulous collection of single-panel comics. Let me introduce you to a web comic named John’s Cartoons. This web comic was created by game developer John Passfield. He is known for capturing humor in single panels only. The artist described his comic style as a place where everything is possible.

He is a Canadian cartoonist. His one-panel comics are consistently recognized for their dark and strange humor. His comics often feature bizarre situations, twisted characters, and unexpected punchlines. He usually gets his audience to have a laugh by doing this with just one panel. His comics are so perfect that by just looking for one second, you will understand the whole story. Enjoy some of his best single-panel comics right now, included in the following section.

Credit: John’s Cartoons

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#1. romantic


#2. Piano Teacher

#3. Soup


#4. Falling Star

#5. Happy Birthday


#6. Wrong guy

Single-panel humor is usually amusing, and the artist believed it was a good idea to fit everything into one frame. Additionally, he states that it is challenging for artists to make an audience laugh with just one panel. Because of this, you might have noticed that there aren’t many artists who produce single-panel humor when browsing social media.

#7. Dumb Movie


#8. Can’t eat

#9. Sorry


#10. Moon Rock

#11. Refusing Service


#12. Feeling Burnt out

#13. Heavy Petting


He’s worked in advertising art direction and traditional and digital illustration. As a member of the Association of Canadian Cartoonists, he participates in professional work. These days, his comics are often funny and entertaining. A webcomic that might be of interest to you if you’re looking for some happiness is John’s Cartoons. We hope you have an amazing day.

#14. Got the job

#15. New Guy


#16. Museum

#17. Society


#18. Breeder

#19. Plot


#20. Last Night

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