20 Sabin Comics Shows Relatable Struggles of Girls While Growing Up

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We’re here today with another relatable collection of comics featuring everyday situations experienced by girls. Sabin Comics has expertly developed a world that will make readers laugh and feel relatable with a collection of funny comics based on actual situations that a girl experiences. An entire collection of cute and accurate comics was designed by illustrator Sabin Sanders, which was her Instagram account.


It is a series featuring slice-of-life comics focusing on everyday experiences. She says on her Instagram bio that she creates relatable comics and illustrations, mostly of herself and her sister. Many individuals can relate to the drawings’ humorous portrayal of everyday issues. She can therefore reach a 35,000 audience through her Instagram account. For you, we have collected her greatest comic collection.

Credit: Sabin Comics

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#1. Society

image 2929

#2. Awkward Moment

image 2930

#3. Good Idea

image 2931

#4. Stress

image 2932

#5. Stress A lot

image 2933

#6. Ever Experienced

image 2934

The artist claims that we struggle with awkward circumstances and day-to-day difficulties that feel specific to us. Which is why it surprises me that so many other individuals have had similar experiences with such specific situations. She goes on to clarify that while there are moments when she needs to search for inspiration and think things through, other times she just gets ideas at midnight when she’s alone.

#7. Flirting

image 2935
image 2936

#8. Anxiety

image 2937

#9. Childhood Memories

image 2938

#10. Truth or Dare

image 2939
image 2940

#11. Watching the Rain

image 2941

#12. So Bored

image 2942

#13. What are you doing?

image 2943
image 2944

#14. In The Future

image 2945

The artist believes that it takes time and commitment to one’s own work to achieve a unique style. Her final aspiration is to become a professional artist and produce her own comics. We hope everyone enjoys her comics. If you like the blog, then share it with your friends as well. Please click here and here to view her previous posts on our website.

#15. Stupid

image 2946

#16. Protection

image 2947

#17. Can you relate?

image 2948

#18. Hilarious

image 2949
image 2950

#19. Monsters

image 2951

#20. Mind

image 2952

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