20 Respawn Comics Based on Dark Situations and Clever Jokes

Respawn Comics is an Instagram account that is widely recognized for its dark and hilarious comics. Harold Cheng is a talented artist who has achieved success. He is a Singaporean artist. His special sense of humor and style have helped him build an impressive fan base since he started making comics in 2016. His comics are typically short, funny, and full of surprises and unexpected twists.

He describes himself in his Instagram bio as the artist who makes dumb comics for smart people. He uses fantasy comic themes. Though his comics sometimes have a have a cartoony style of illustration, they usually touch on relatable subjects in a dark and hilarious style. There are 4,100 users who follow him on Instagram. His best comics are in the next section. If you enjoy dark comedy, you should definitely check them out.

Credit: Respawn Comics

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#1. Mother knows best

#2. Thunderstorm

#3. Death is Bargain


#4. Happy Ending

#5. Creepy Ghost

#6. Neck Romancer


His primary work consists of four-panel comic strips, all of which have clever twists and funny laughs. The cartoonist is a talented artist with an excellent sense of humor who is passionate about creating comics. He says he thinks his comics are quite unique. Most of the time, his comics are based on fantasy themes, which makes them look more attractive.

#7. Go big or go home

#8. It’s all about perspective

#9. Pizza


#10. Dejected

#11. Ugly Fruit

#12. No Matter What


#13. Path of Honor

#14. Year of the Tiger

Drawing has always been the artist’s passion. He claims that the majority of his comic book ideas come from things he experiences on a daily basis and that coming up with concepts is not hard enough. He completed the artwork part in a few days and posted it on his Instagram account when it was ready. We hope you guys enjoyed this blog and had a great time while reading.

#15. Give him a Hand


#16. Holy Night

#17. Truffle Maker

#18. Milk


#19. Save Lives

#20. In Your Heart

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