20 Prachi Scribbles Shows the Struggles of Daily Life Faced in Young Age

Prachi Scribbles is a comic series created by talented female artist Prachi Das. She is the artist who draws comics for fun and started this comic series in 2019. Her comics are famous for relatable themes such as depicting everyday situations and challenges faced by young adults, particularly young women. Her comics mostly based on the experiences of herself  in a young age.

She started creating comics as a hobby, and her work quickly gained popularity on social media platforms like Instagram. Her comics mostly deal with topics such as body image, mental health, relationships, and social pressures. She currently has an audience of 1,538 followers on her Instagram account. We have collected some of her best comics. So that you can relate to the moments and struggles that you also faced.

Credit: Prachi Scribbles

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#1. Situation

#2. Let’s Start

#3. Go Outside


#4. Wave of Motivation

#5. Difficult Job

#6. Pet names


She was inspired by the work of others. Perhaps she was a big fan of existing comics and felt compelled to create her own stories in that format. She thinks that comics are a powerful tool for self-expression. That’s the real motivation, and she started making comics as a way to share her experiences and perspectives with the world.

#7. Gift

#8. Pet’s Language

#9. Life with cat


#10. Where is that noise coming from

#11. Time To Sleep

#12. What saves you from drowning in stress


#13. When a stranger shows compassion

#14. Stress

She is also an advocate for mental health awareness. She uses her platform to speak openly about mental health struggles and to encourage conversations about these issues. Her main inspiration comes from her own experiences and observations of the world around her. The relatability of her comics and her ability to address sensitive topics with humor and honesty have contributed to her success.

#15. Nice Conversation


#16. Dog’s Logic

#17. Calm down

#18. What If


#19. What’s Your Point

#20. Response

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