20 Pie Comics Will Make You Laugh by Showing Unexpected Twists and Jokes

Comics are nearly impossible to stay away from when browsing social media, and although some of them address major life issues and are occasionally even informative, we may not always want to be interested in that kind of activity. Comics by John McNamee are here to provide precisely that good laugh because sometimes all people want is to laugh. Pie Comics is a hand-drawn comic book series with dark comedy and surprising turns.


He claims that when he finished high school, comics started appearing in his life. In the hope of reconnecting with my passion for drawing, he created a Facebook page. He followed a number of different users before becoming addicted to web comics and starting to build interest in the illustrations. He has 40,000 Facebook followers. Usually based on real-life events, they usually include surprising and often funny situations. Let’s look at a few of his best comics.

Credit: Pie Comics

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#1. The journey


#2. Love


#3. Online shopping

#4. No Vacancy


#5. Mystery

#6. Reality


His inspiration comes from hilarious moments that happen in his life. He captures his hilarious and sometimes weird ideas in his comics to make these people laugh and feel good. He always creates four-panel comics. The artist uses simple colors in his comics, but his clever punchlines take his comics to the next level. That’s the main feature in his comics.

#7. Saloon

#8. Not hopeful


#9. Nothing

#10. Gum


#11. never mind

#12. Really


#13. so simple

He used to post hand-drawn comics on Facebook and his website regularly. The artist draws comics on his phone sometimes, and those can take anywhere from everyday situations to unexpected endings. He says ideas can come from anywhere; the main thing is to present them in a hilarious way. If you also find his comics interesting, then don’t forget to hit the share button.

#14. don’t eat


#15. prank

#16. look together


#17. Cell

#18. body language


#19. secret chord

#20. Wink


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