20 Perfect Sunday Comics Based on Single-Panel to Make Your Day Better

Single-panel comics require less time and have clever punchlines to make people laugh. You can understand the joke even if you have not seen the comic before. On the other hand, four-panel comics require more time. Because there are surprising twists in every panel. When the reader thinks the comic is finished, then there will be a sudden twist in the next panel. That’s why most people prefer to read single-panel comics due to their short format.

For this, we have another good Instagram artist who is not well-known yet in the world of popular comic series. The artist’s good name is Mike Butler. He is best known for his comic series, Perfect Sunday Comics. He mentioned in his Instagram bio that he started this comic series because of a reliable source of drawings that make his mother happy. It can also make you happy, but for this, you have to scroll through the section below.

Credit: Perfect Sunday Comics

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#1. Competitive Hiding

#2. Practice Safe

#3. Big Fan


#4. Dating Profile

#5. It’s Tragic

#6. Cool


He has an Instagram account that is well-known for the single-panel comics it posts. He is American by birth and creates drawings. Many people agree that his one-panel comics have a meaningful message. His jokes are all regularly filled with strange places, weird characters, and surprising punchlines. He does this all the time to make his audience laugh by using only one panel.

#7. God

#8. Job Interview

#9. Filled Up


#10. Distant Place

#11. Trying to shake

#12. Hilarious


#13. Let me

#14. Abilities

This artist prefers to make single-panel comics because he says that it is easy to make people laugh through one panel. The humorous ideas in his mind come from relatable observations about everyday life, which he delivered in a witty way. This can make us laugh because we recognize ourselves in the situation. If you find his comics amusing, then do not forget to comment about your favorite one.

#15. Wish


#16. Too Bad

#17. Upside Down

#18. Wheel House


#19. Only Reason

#20. Let’s try this again

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