20 Parenting Goals Comics Shows the Struggles and Joys of Having a Kid

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Parenting Goals Strips is a comic series created by a brilliant artist whose good name is Gemma Genga. He is an Australian cartoonist. He is the artist who beautifully depicts the humorous and relatable struggles of parenthood in a charming and heartwarming way. The artist captures the everyday challenges and triumphs of parents, such as sleepless nights and messy mealtimes, and the immense love and joy that comes with raising children.


He claims that normalizing these experiences and helping parents feel less judged are the key goals of honestly illustrating the messy, lacking in sleep, and sometimes stressful parts of parenting. His work also does a good job of expressing a variety of emotions. We can see the joy in a child’s laughter and the lack of energy in a parent’s eyes. On Instagram, he has 3,173 followers. The following section features some of his best-known comics.

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#1. Cardio

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#2. Affection

image 2847

#3. Pride It

image 2848

#4. Communication

image 2849

#5. Nutrients

image 2850

#6. Envy

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He began drawing comics to express his own experiences and find humor in the challenges of parenthood. He also has a background in art or illustration, which provided her with the skills to create comics. He says that social media platforms like Instagram and Facebook have been his initial launching pad for her comics, allowing her to share his work and gain an audience.

#7. Privacy

image 2852

#8. Antiquity

image 2854

#9. Secretion

image 2853

#10. Immunity

image 2855

#11. Curiosity

image 2857

#12. Outbreak

image 2858

#13. Climate

image 2859

#14. Art

image 2860

#15. Well Being

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His comics make parents feel less alone by humorously addressing the positive and negative aspects of parenthood and reassuring them that they are not the only ones who go through these struggles. Parents can find comfort and confirmation in his comics, which remind them that the stressful moments are just a natural part of the amazing experience of raising a kid.

#16. Solutions

image 2862

#17. Resignation

image 2863

#18. Reciprocity

image 2864

#19. Caution

image 2865

#20. Drama

image 2866

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