20 One-Panel Comic Strips about Everyday Life That Tickles the Funny Bone

In the vibrant universe of comic strips, where creativity and humor collide, “Rhymes With Orange” by Hilary Price stands tall as a beacon of wit and everyday charm. With over 200 newspapers worldwide carrying its humor-laden panels, this daily dose of amusement has garnered acclaim, snagging four National Cartoonists Society awards for Best Newspaper Panel Cartoon.

Central to this quirky universe is the relatable protagonist, also named Hilary, who navigates life’s maze with a distinct blend of wit and clumsiness. Much like a reflection of our own idiosyncrasies, Hilary stumbles through social scenarios and encounters, her thoughts often spinning intricate webs of overthinking. It’s this very relatability that makes her endearing to readers across the globe.

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#1. Girlfriend

#2. Don’t care

#3. Start Feeding

#4. Moons

#5. Puppies

What adds depth and color to the strip is the eclectic mix of characters orbiting Hilary’s world. From her trusty feline companion to the quirky neighbor, her boss, and even her ex-beau, these personalities bring forth a tapestry of interactions that are as entertaining as they are familiar. At the heart of “Rhymes With Orange” lies its unique brand of humor—equal parts perceptive and amusing. It doesn’t shy away from tackling pertinent social and political themes, but always with a light touch and a dash of humor. From societal observations to everyday mundane moments, Price infuses each strip with a keen eye for the absurdities of life.

#6. Starts Panic

#7. Big Family

#8. Flying Monkey

#9. Central Heating

#10. Lap Dog

#11. Times Square

What sets this comic strip apart is its ability to take on weighty topics while remaining comfortably nestled in the realm of light-hearted amusement. Whether it’s addressing societal norms or lampooning the complexities of modern living, “Rhymes With Orange” strikes a delicate balance, leaving readers chuckling and pondering in equal measure. What truly makes “Rhymes With Orange” a gem in the comic strip realm is its capacity to be a mirror to our own lives. Its humor resonates because it reflects the beauty found in life’s imperfections, the hilarity in our idiosyncrasies, and the absurdity of our daily trials.

#12. Get a Cat

#13. Good Impression

#14. Long Underwear

#15. Mouse Wash

#16. Beer Tent

#17. Limit Yourself

In a world inundated with seriousness, this comic strip serves as a beacon of levity, inviting readers to pause, smile, and appreciate the delightful mishmash that is everyday existence. It’s a testament to the fact that, amidst life’s chaos, a good laugh can be the perfect remedy. So, whether you’re a devoted fan or a newcomer to the world of “Rhymes With Orange,” take a moment to relish the hilarity, embrace the oddities, and chuckle along with Hilary as she navigates the delightful chaos of life—one comic panel at a time.

#18. Drop it

#19. Feeding Schedule

#20. Crime Scene

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