20 Nuw Comics Shows the Hilarious Moments That Happen in Her Daily Life

Many people try to find the things that make them happy. Some do their favorite hobbies in their free time, and some want to spend time alone. But mostly people want to enjoy their time by reading comics. If you are also one of them and come here in search of good comics, then you have come to the right place. Because our website has every type of comic for every person to make them laugh out loud.

Nuw Comics is an Instagram account that was created by a female artist named Nuwbis. She is the artist who creates comics about her daily life in a humorous way. She is the artist who seems to be passionate about connecting with people. That’s why she started this comic series, which helped her gain 1,117 loyal followers on her Instagram account. We have collected some of her best comics for you to make you smile.

Credit: Nuw Comics

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#1. Smart Boy

#2. Need Help

#3. How was it?


#4. Dung Beetle

#5. Good Day

#6. Gonna be ok


Sometimes, her comics follow the lives of a group of friends who are all a little bit messed up. She perfectly captures the anxieties and awkwardness of everything from careers to social interactions. She says that the main reason to make comics on such a theme is that she wants to show that these situations happen to almost all of us. But the difference is that she portrays them in a hilarious way.

#7. Birthday

#8. Happy New Year

#9. Caught


#10. Tomato Sauce

#11. New Villager

#12. Halloween


#13. Number

#14. Blink

It is not a well-known Instagram account, but it chronicles the life of a young woman who is mostly shown in awkward situations. Her comics are relatable and funny, and they mostly capture the feeling of being a bit out of place in the world. Overall, her comics show a humorous take on everyday life. If you are looking for lighthearted and relatable comics, her creations are definitely worth checking out.

#15. Got a great idea


#16. Flying Powers

#17. Ringing

#18. Started Raining


#19. Get Bitten

#20. Got a Great idea

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