20 Meet the Creature Comics Sums Up What It Looks Like Being a Teacher

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Teaching can be a demanding profession. Comics provide a safe space to laugh at the challenges and absurdities of the job. Many comics about teachers are created by people who have been teachers themselves. This insider perspective allows for humor that resonates with real experience. These comics highlight the funny side of struggles, like forgetting basic facts they just learned or misinterpreting assignments in hilarious ways.


There’s no better account on Instagram than Meet the Creature to capture these kinds of situations. This comic creator explores the pleasures, problems, and oddities of teaching through humor. The artist regularly addresses scenarios that instructors can relate to, such as dealing with students and marking papers. Young readers can relate to his comics because of this, and they are looking forward to his new releases. Enjoy some of his best comics.

Credit: Meet the Creature

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#1. Queue the Christmas Music

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#2. Under Observation

image 2645

#3. See a Dark Future

image 2647

#4. Vacation all I ever wanted

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#5. Classroom Management

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#6. Back To School

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He understands the difficulties but also encourages educators for their dedication and energy. He illustrates the difficulties teachers face with technology, such as faulty projectors or internet platforms that crash in the middle of a session. Teachers can share a good laugh about these common frustrations. We witness the time they spend together, encouraging one another through the highs and lows of the academic year.

#7. Almost Time to Go Back

image 2651

#8. Is This Still a Thing?

image 2652

#9. Cyber Security Group

image 2653

#10. Summer Stuff

image 2654

#11. Finally

image 2655

#12. It was Quiet

image 2656

#13. Stone Cold

image 2657

#14. Late To Join

image 2658

His comics are entertaining to read because they provide a fun and lighthearted take on the field of education. If you work as a teacher, you will probably find the comedy in his comics to be humorous and relatable. Humor may be hilarious even if you’re not a teacher since it highlights realistic scenarios and the craziness of daily life.

#15. The Bat Phone

image 2659

#16. Poor Pets

image 2660

#17. Bright and Shiny Faces

image 2661

#18. We are All Thinking It

image 2662

#19. When it Rains

image 2663

#20. Man In Uniform

image 2664

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