20 Markilus Comics Full of Weird and Strange Situations to Amuse You

Comics are very effective at conveying emotions. The combination of art and writing can create a powerful emotional connection between the reader and the characters. For many people, comics hold a special place in their childhood memories. Reading comics in their free time can be a way to reconnect with those happy memories. In order to refresh those memories, we are back to discuss another collection of hilarious comics for you.\

By building out a unique field for himself, Instagram user Markilus has made an established name for himself in the art world. The artist behind this comic series is from Switzerland and started making comics in 2017. He is an artist to watch, with a growing 1,833 followers and a bright future ahead of him. The following section contains his finest comics.

Credit: Markilus

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#1. Want to Sell

#2. Let’s Watch

#3. Fear of Failure


#4. Sometimes we start a project and then soon lose interest in it

#5. Good Work

#6. Motivation comes and goes


His creativity stands out due to its humorous and fun nature. His characters often seem charming and strange, and his situations are full of strange details and unexpected twists. Not only do his works have a unique beauty, but they also exhibit an incredible level of talent and intelligence. Although the artist’s comics look weird, they are enjoyed by people all over the world.

#7. To Do List

#8. Creative Project

#9. What’s Wrong?


#10. Afraid to Change

#11. Shaky Stroke

#12. Feel Overwhelmed


#13. Creative Method

#14. Change is not possible

The artist mostly creates comics about how to deal with the struggles faced in our daily lives. His comics are based on a four-panel format, and every panel has its own plot and twists. If you are a lover of dark humor, then his comics will surely bring a smile to your face. For such fabulous content, visit our website on a regular basis. We hope you have an amazing day.

#15. Start


#16. Get Better Ideas

#17. Not Aware

#18. Surround yourself with honest and supportive people


#19. Stupid Project

#20. Over think

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