20 Maaike Hartjes Based on Dark Situations for Dark Humor Lovers

Maaike Hartjes is a talented Dutch cartoonist and comics artist recognized for her witty and interesting work. Maaike Hartjes was born in Amsterdam, the Netherlands, in 1972. She first attended Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam to obtain a degree in mathematics. Her artistic calling, however, rapidly took priority, and she began attending the Hogeschool voor de Kunsten in Utrecht and Amsterdam for her art studies.

Hartjes’s artistic career has consisted of a broad range of creative activities. She has created interesting comics, which usually include humor and social criticism. She has 14,400 followers. Her skill continues to attract attention. She was awarded the coveted Stripschapprijs in 2016, which is the highest honor given to Dutch comic book creators. She became an even more prominent personality in the Dutch comics scene as a result of this popularity.

Credit: Maaike Hartjes

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#1. Excuse

#2. New Rules

#3. Genocide


#4. Valentine’s Day

#5. Relationship

#6. Romance


Her artistic work goes beyond drawings and comics. She has shown her adaptability in live drawing performances, where she uses her humor and artistic talent to charm audiences while creating sketches and artwork in real time. She additionally works in animation, creating interesting motion graphics to bring her creations to life.

#7. Not Allowed

#8. Seat

#9. Welcome


#10. Walked

#11. Dad

#12. Engagement


#13. That’s Cool

#14. Something is changing in the world

#15. Cease Fire


She is well-known in the Dutch comics and art communities. Her skill at fusing comedy, criticism of society, and creative beauty has captured readers’ attention and brought glowing reviews from reviewers. Her art demonstrates the power of visual storytelling by successfully creating feelings, concepts, and experiences that connect with viewers. Do not forget to leave a comment and click the share button if you think her blog is interesting.

#16. Party

#17. The fun in funeral

#18. Hospitals


#19. Climate Change

#20. Free Stuff

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