20 Little Note Comics Shows the Experiences of the Artist Herself

The amazing comic series Little Note Comics is well-known for the artist’s […]

The amazing comic series Little Note Comics is well-known for the artist’s own relevant experiences. The brilliant mind behind this comic series is the female artist whose good name is Stephanie. She is a comic book artist who creates relatable comics for female readers. This artist began using Instagram in 2019 and is presently a resident of Toronto. She mostly gets the ideas for his comics from her observations in her daily life.

She has experience in design or the arts. Her artistic background helps her develop the skills needed to produce her illustrations. She therefore began making comics as a means of exploring subjects that were relevant to her fans. She posted her comics online on Facebook and Instagram, and she has 4,152 followers now. If you want to read her comics, then be sure to check out the following gallery.

Credit: Little Note Comics

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#1. Sleepy

#2. Need to pee

#3. Sleeping


#4. She’s thinking about the coin we missed all night

#5. Big Moment

#6. Beautiful Day


The artist describes herself on her Instagram bio as the artist who creates comics about the adventures of a dork, a nerd, and our dog with the name Nutmeg. She is an illustrator and storyteller whose original style raises the most reachable events in life. She began making comics about her life because she wanted to share with the world her ideas, emotions, and personal observations.

#7. So Cute

#8. Need To Leave

#9. Laundry


#10. Mom

#11. Reached the end

#12. Can we buy this?


#13. Slow Down

#14. Sniff Meter

She believes that comics provide the ideal medium for artistic expression, and she has her own stories or thoughts that she wants to communicate with everyone around her. That’s why most people find her comics more amusing and entertaining. We hope this article was enjoyable for all of you. Don’t forget to forward it to your friends so they can enjoy comics and brighten their day as well.

#15. Cute Shirt


#16. Hug Me

#17. Best Plans

#18. Barking Up


#19. Make the Bed

#20. Hand Washed

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