20 Kremix Comics Full of Clever Puns and Dark Humor Situations

Jokes are a form of wordplay that most people understand. They don’t […]

Jokes are a form of wordplay that most people understand. They don’t require deep understanding. Puns can create funny and memorable moments in a comic that stick with the reader long after they’ve finished reading. Similarly, there is an Instagram artist who is famous for making comics full of clever puns. He goes by the username Kremix Comics for his Instagram account.

The skillful author who created this comic series does not show his good name. But he started making comics a few years ago, for some time only. That’s why he has few comics and few followers on his Instagram account. The artist’s dark humor adds an unexpected edge, making the familiar wordplay feel fresh and interesting. We have collected his best comics for you to make your mood fresh.

Credit: Kremix Comics

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#1. Over

#2. Fire Fight

#3. Main Courses


#4. Youtuber

#5. He’s trying his best

#6. Flash Fans


The artist claimed that he had chats with close companions during which he came up with most of the crazy concepts. Later on, he carefully mixes those ideas into his comics. The main goal of the entertainer is to make people smile with his clever jokes and puns. His amazing painting abilities usually allow him to make other people laugh with his appealing illustrations.

#7. Can’t escape

#8. Playing

#9. Got Cancer


#10. No one can stop me

#11. Trying to kill

#12. It’s Over


#13. New Script

#14. Move

His comics include an extensive selection of subjects, although they revolve mainly around the amusing activities of the artist himself. Despite his lack of popularity, his comics are entertaining to read. The comedy in his comics might be helpful, realistic, or even a little strange, but it’s always enjoyable, so we hope reading them will brighten your day.

#15. Fired


#16. Democrats

#17. Netflix Show

#18. military Tactics


#19. Fitting In


#20. Movie Ended


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