20 Kiwi Agnes Comics Based on Random Situations to Make You Laugh

Laughter truly is the most effective medicine, and Anežka Židkova is one of the rare artists who can find humor in ordinary situations. She is the mastermind behind the Kiwi Agnes comic series. She has the talent to portray the craziness of daily life, which has won her a loyal readership that looks forward to her amusing and relevant illustrations. This article looks into the comics and her ability to produce hilarious comics that will have you laughing.

She is a brilliant writer and artist who is well-known for her special sense of humor. Her ability to observe things well has come naturally to her, and she can turn routine events into hilarious comic strips. Her 3,781 Instagram followers constantly like her comics. Her comics regularly take unexpected turns that surprise readers and result in unexpected punchlines. Let’s enjoy her best twenty comics in the following section.

Credit: Kiwi Agnes

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#1. Wonder

#2. Forgot

#3. Not Complicated


#4. Real Human

#5. All Over It

#6. Fighting


The artist currently lives in the Czech Republic. When she was in school, she used to doodle a lot in her notebook and was always brilliant at making others laugh. So back in 2013, she made the decision to start a comic series. The artist also enjoys trying new things and coming up with original ideas for amusement. His comics are unlike other comics because of this.

#7. Except Pride

#8. Catch Inspiration

#9. Too Deep


#10. Catch Me

#11. Not This Time

#12. Payment


#13. Snow Girlfriend

#14. Uniform Mark

Her comics usually take pleasure in the ridiculous, presenting situations that are so strange and surprising that they seem to be funny. Sometimes, everything might be quiet enough that the silliness of the circumstances makes us laugh out loud. Her comics act as an encouragement that we are not alone in facing difficulties and that finding comedy in them may be a great way to relax.

#15. Hilarious


#16. Cooking

#17. True

#18. Current One


#19. Beautiful Morning

#20. Neighbor

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