20 Keki Struggles Comics Shows What Happens in the Daily Life of Girls

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Many use a combination of art and dialogue to tell stories. Funny facial expressions, physical humor in the artwork, and well-timed panels can all contribute to the amusement factor. Many girl-focused comics feature characters who are trying their best, even if they make mistakes or face challenges. One of them we are about to discuss. Keki Struggles is the username of the Instagram account, which is famous for making such comics.


She is the artist who explores themes like friendship, fitting in, or dealing with bullies. She says on her Instagram bio that daily life is full of tiny struggles, and the best way to deal with them is in a hilarious way rather than feeling depressed. That’s why the main purpose of this artist is to make comics for her 1,161 fans. If you also face these struggles, you can definitely relate to her best comics in the next gallery.

Credit: Keki Struggles

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#1. Nice to meet you

image 2144

#2. Out Numbered

image 2145

#3. Rainy Road

image 2146

#4. Drinks

image 2147

#5. Vacation

image 2148

#6. Special Brush

image 2149

The artist portrays Keki’s relationship with parents, siblings, or extended family. This comic series tackles issues like body image, self-doubt, or figuring out who Keki wants to be. Her comics are likely aimed at a younger audience because the struggles are portrayed in a lighthearted and relatable way. This is what makes her comics more eye-catching and relatable to girls.

#7. Connection Lost

image 2150

#8. Something Else

image 2151

#9. Party Train

image 2152

#10. Shades

image 2153

#11. Escalation

image 2154

#12. Yoga

image 2155

#13. Rivals

image 2156

#14. Eye Shadow

image 2157

#15. Barriers

image 2158

She says that the main purpose of creating such comics is that seeing girls overcome challenges and navigate friendships can inspire young readers to do the same. Sometimes, she directly addresses the reader through the panels. This can be a surprising and humorous way to draw the reader into the story and make them feel like part of the action.

#16. Temperature Climate

image 2159

#17. Wild Nights

image 2160

#18. Driving Styles

image 2161

#19. Not a lady

image 2162

#20. Night Activities

image 2163

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