20 Jelly Quiny Comics Based on Relatable Moments That Happen With Girls

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Sometimes everyday happenings seem uninteresting. However, comics can take these moments and transform them into something entertaining and humorous. These comics portray scenarios that many females face on a daily basis, which include crushes and periods and friendship dramas. For readers, seeing themselves represented in a comic strip can be comforting since it shows them they’re not alone.


Similarly, there is an artist on Instagram who makes such types of comics. She has an Instagram account with the username Jelly Quiny, which she titled based on her name. The artist currently has a small audience of 3,255 loyal followers on her Instagram account. This is all because of her relatable comic themes and hard work. If you also want to enjoy and appreciate her comics, then keep scrolling.

Credit: Jelly Quiny

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#1. Motivational Video

image 2183

#2. Problems

image 2184

#3. Periods

image 2185

#4. High Heels

image 2186

#5. Dress vs Food

image 2187

#6. Same Mistake

image 2188

The brilliant mind behind this comic series is a female artist. She also faces situations in her daily life. It becomes easier for her to talk about sometimes awkward or embarrassing situations that might otherwise be difficult to discuss. The main purpose of making such comics is to make people forget about their worries and provide comfort after a busy day.

#7. When you are home alone

image 2189

#8. Nights

image 2190

#9. Online Shopping

image 2191

#10. The happiness of matching a balance sheet

image 2192

#11. Depression

image 2193

#12. When you can’t resist having those chicken wings

image 2194

#13. Pair of Heels

image 2195

#14. When you lose your focus

image 2196

The artist says that laughter can be a great way to bond over shared experiences. Her comics are mostly based on a four-panel format because she thinks it is enough to convey the whole message. She creates funny comics about relatable situations that can create a sense of community among readers, allowing them to laugh together about the ups and downs of being a girl.

#15. T-Shirt

image 2197

#16. When someone messes with your hair

image 2198

#17. Confidence Level

image 2199

#18. Exams

image 2200

#19. Fight

image 2201

#20. Cheeks

image 2202

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