20 Humor Comics That Will Make Your Day

In the times of pandemic no one is safe. Everyone is following safety precautions strictly. Those who don’t care about this global pandemic are paying prize of it. At start people were not that much serious about Cvoid-19. But with the spread of the virus all over the globe people have been careful. Though we have come too far and have all the advancement in medical fields, still not getting over of it.

Now the thing to discuss here is what to do when you’re restricted at home and not allowed to go out for job or for doing some other stuff. Well, few people have started working online. They can’t wait for end of this pandemic as they have family to feed and they have o make living from it. But what if you are working online or staying at home with nothing to do?

We have solution for you. The Far Side is the best solution to overcome boredom at home. Credit goes to the proud creator Gary Larson who started it 40 years ago and still carrying his legacy. Though he was disappeared for 25 years, but he’s back now with all the humor and same style of him.

We have enlisted some of his latest comics that will make your day brighter. Good thing about his comics is they will never feel you bore as there’s a hidden message to convey for the people. So scroll down to look at these best of best comics.

Credit : the far side





















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