20 Hilarious Comics Full of Unexpected Twists by the Stress Museum

Comics with unexpected twists are masters at tickling our funny bones in ways that normal humor simply cannot. They interfere with our assumptions, mess with our expectations, and leave us in stitches with the sheer ridiculousness or creativity of the punchline. The best surprising twists are creative and humorous, instead of just random. They demonstrate the artist’s inventiveness and ability to think outside the box.

In a comparable way, there’s this funny comic artist who creates comics with surprising turns. Introducing Stressmuseum, a website featuring amusing comics and pictures that delve into the subject of stress in daily life. The creator of the comics, who prefers to remain nameless in order to better connect with his readership, frequently uses relatable characters in unexpected situations. In the section that follows, we have collected his best comics. Go to the area below if you would like to enjoy them.

Credit: Stressmuseum

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#1. Ship Wreck

#2. Hurt

#3. Suddenly Super

#4. Therapy

#5. Drive Through

#6. Business Party

The creator regularly creates four-panel comics that attract laughter from his viewers. The scenarios in his comics are typically likable, despite the fact that the twists themselves may be ridiculous. The humor is enhanced by our ability to relate to the characters and their situations. It’s like giggling over our common human experiences with a twist of absurdity.

#7. Stranger

#8. The Toughest Fight

#9. Dumpster Dining

#10. On the run

#11. Bone Thug

#12. Coffee

So, the next time you come across a hilarious comic with an unexpected twist, take a moment to appreciate the art form. Nothing else can make us laugh as hard as this blend of surprise, tension release, brilliance, and relatability. I hope you all enjoy his comics. Remember to leave a comment and to share this blog.

#13. Something’s happening

#14. Museum

#15. Wild Horses

#16. Watering the lawn

#17. Slugger

#18. Heavy Box Store

#19. Funeral

#20. The Mines

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