20 Hilarious Comics About Animals And Their Relatable Everyday Struggles




Sometimes all humans need is a dose of humorous self-reflection with a hint of inspiration, conveniently set in everyday life. This is pretty much all that is prescribed in one: colorful characters struggling with everyday annoyances and celebrating the random details that are worth doing. The Awoo comics, created by AC Stuart, who also goes by the name Andy, feature a pack of wolves, a middle-aged deer, and even a possum.

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Originally from Columbus, Ohio, Andy briefly attended Columbus College of Art and Design before becoming a full-time cartoonist. “My career started working as an illustrator/writer for CollegeHumor in Manhattan, but these days I just juggle a bunch of random projects that individually make enough money to keep my head above water. I’m still waiting for my ‘Strange Planet’ level beam in a bottle so I can retreat to the mountains and never speak to anyone again.


Andy told us a bit about his characters: Kevin and Pink Wolf, the de facto leaders of the wolf pack, are complete opposites. Despite that, they are also good friends, two peas in a pod, birds of the same plumage, two intertwined spirits, soul mates, and most importantly in each other’s life. Namely; They love each other very much, which can be a real hassle when they have totally different ways of dealing with the daily struggles of wolves. Whether it’s trying to finally hunt down and eat Doug the middle-aged deer, or trying to create technology out of sticks and rocks so they can compete with humans, their yin-yang dynamics, optimism versus pessimism, gruff versus sweet. the situation in a tug of war.



The artist, who is obsessed with peacefully building cooperative games like Minecraft and Satisfactory, shared that “Awoo’s soul is love, acceptance, and goofiness. Whether it’s Tim the Nihilistic Wolf’s insistence that emptiness will consume us all, asking Jeremy the half-man / half-wolf what it’s like to live with humans, or running away from Toby the Possum (don’t say his name !), optimism always beats cynicism, usually through Kevin’s unwavering good nature. Andy also says he has the largest collection of regrets in the world, but as you can see from his comics, he definitely oozes positivity and manages to inspire. to others without problems.

















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