20 Glass Muffin Comics Portrays Random Situations in a Relatable Way

We have another excellent selection of comics based on unexpected scenarios for […]

We have another excellent selection of comics based on unexpected scenarios for those who enjoy comic strips. Let me introduce to you an Instagram account named Glass Muffin. The creator of the comic book series is an unknown artist who has chosen not to share her identity. He refused to identify himself with his audience. Even though his comics are occasionally based on ridiculous scenarios, they are nevertheless full of lovable and charming moments.

The artist is a promising cartoonist as well as a graphic designer and illustrator. The artist is twenty-five years old. He devoted hours of time to refining his drawing skills before beginning this web comic. He now captures funny jokes in his comics perfectly. Her comics are more humorous since they appear to be random. His comics are always based on a four-panel format. Let’s enjoy some of his best comics.

Credit: Glass Muffin

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#1. Social Distancing is really important

#2. Toilet Paper

#3. Destroyer


#4. Telescope

#5. Global Peace

#6. Business


He says that he makes comics based on what comes to his mind. The artist then draws those creative ideas with a touch of humor in his comics. He also has perfect drawing skills, which makes his comics look even more attractive and eye-catching. Sometimes, he also creates comics on anime characters and memes.

#7. Leaving

#8. Difficult

#9. Clock


#10. Childhood

#11. Feel the Burn

#12. Game


#13. Got the time

#14. Wearing

His simple and highly effective humor will probably take your attention off of your always-busy life for a short period of time. That being said, make sure to check out more on our website if you are searching for an instant laugh. Please use the comment area to ask me any particular questions you may have regarding the comics or the artist. Remember to share the blog if you enjoy it.

#15. Plants


#16. Vibe

#17. Wing Man

#18. What’s Crazy?


#19. Great Friend

#20. Russian Plant

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