20 Funny And Relatable Comics By This Norwegian Artist Featuring A Girl Trying To Adjust To Adulthood (New Photos)

Johanne Lid is back with more comics from her quirky “Life of Jolie” series, about a young woman named Jolie trying to find her way in adult life. An artist from Norway draws inspiration from her own life for her illustrations. So some of the situations Jolie is involved in may be familiar to you.

In addition to being inspired by her everyday antics, in her recent interview with Bored Panda, Johanne revealed that her own life motivates her to make comics. “It’s the little moments, the conversations, and the feelings that make me want to tell these little stories,” she said.

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In the interview, Johanne also revealed that she’s hoping that her funnies can cheer somebody up: “I really hope my little comics can lighten up someone’s day, and maybe make them feel less alone when I tell my relatable stories (and some not relatable at all, haha).”




















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