20 Funniest Humor Comis That will make youe day

Everyone has come to this world with a goal. Nothing has been […]

Everyone has come to this world with a goal. Nothing has been created without ant reason. Even when you meet someone you don’t even know is not a coincidence, there’s surely a reason behind it. However, if someone has no goal and dreams, that person is useless. There’s no meaning in their lives. Dream makes you alive. If you have no dreams to chase you’re just pretending to be alive.

Nothing beats the feeling when you finally reached the destination you were struggling with all through your life. That feeling when you finally made it. Your cheeks would be getting wet from the tears of joy. Now you’ll rewind to the past to think of all the hard work you did and now it’s paid off.

We are going to meet you one of such hard-working and inspiring personalities who has reached another level of success. We are talking about artist Gary Larson. Gary is the creator of famous comic series named The Far Side comics. Researching on surroundings, social situations and ongoing events, Gary used to create comics with surrealistic humor that relates to people.

Gary was awarded Newspaper Panel Cartoon Award for 1985 and 1988. However, The Far Side won the 2020 Webby People’s Voice Award for Humor in the category Web. Gary knew since his childhood what he’s been made for, and he did exactly.

We have compiled a list of some of his most appreciated comics with dark humor that will lift your mood for sure.

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