20 Faber Illustrated Comics Depict How Daily Life With A Cat Goes On

Cats love to explore and play. Most of the time, cats do hilarious and irritating things with their owners. Comics turn these silly things into humorous moments. Most of the artists make comics on such themes because they think that cartoony expressions on cat characters can amplify the humor of the situation. That’s why these comics look so eye-catching and enjoyable to fans.

The Instagram account Faber Illustrated is the best place to create comics about such a fantastic topic. She is an artist with an unmatched love for our furry friends. Her artistic creations are primarily motivated by her affection for these cuddly pets. For that reason, she launched this comic series, which currently has 67,900 followers. The next gallery features her best comics, so enjoy.

Credit: Faber Illustrated

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#1. Cure Picture

#2. Couch

#3. Come Closer


#4. Wake Up

#5. Growing Up

#6. Just One Time


She currently lives in the United States and started this comic series in 2018. She says that the main reason to make comics about cats is that cats are popular pets worldwide. The happiness, annoyance, and entertainment that come with having a pet cat companion in the house are universally relatable. This explains why her comics are so charming and well-liked in the comics community.

#7. Zoo Food

#8. Snip Snip

#9. Cute


#10. That’s Life

#11. Top of The World


#12. Might Cat

#13. Sadness

#14. Terrible Monster


The focus on relevant comics about living with cats makes this comic series unique. Her comics are particularly appealing and fun for cat lovers since they capture the true love, unexpected joys, and confusing feelings that follow owning a pet. These are the things that owners of cats may relate to and find enjoyable. Enjoy yourself greatly.

#15. Instagram User

#16. Absolutely Not

#17. Human Access


#18. Handsome Boy

#19. Siblings

#20. Cat Owner


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