20 Ellen Stubbings Comics Shows How Daily Life Looks Like Living with a Cat

Cats are masters of chill vibes and independent personalities. On social media platforms, there are many artists who create funny and heartwarming moments from everyday life with a cat. Even if you don’t have a cat yourself, you can probably recognize the situation because these moments remind us to relax and enjoy the simple things in a lighthearted way. That’s why we have another collection of such comics for you.

Similarly, there is an Instagram artist whose good name is Ellen Stubbings. The artist is from the United Kingdom and joined the Instagram platform back in 2015. The artist currently shows her everyday life with her cat in her comics in a relatable way. She now has 24,600 followers on Instagram, which is a big following. You have to scroll down to the following gallery if you have ever owned a cat or if you love cats.

Credit: Ellen Stubbings

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#1. Going Out

#2. Little Paws

#3. Next Episode


#4. Tonight

#5. Ready For bed

#6. So Cute


She is a children’s book illustrator based in York, UK. She is represented by Bookmark Literary and has illustrated books for Simon & Schuster. The artist mainly lives with two cats. She typically draws comics about the various situations that cat owners experience. These comics are relatable to any pet lover because of his unique artistic style and fun.

#7. Wait

#8. Marry

#9. Cancelled It


#10. Wants to come in

#11. Smell

#12. Poses


#13. It Worked

#14. Excuse Me

The artist claims that for cat owners, her comics can feel like a celebration of their furry companions. Seeing their cat’s behaviors mirrored in the comics shows their own experiences and strengthens the bond they feel with their pet. So next time you’re feeling down, the best way is to enjoy different kinds of comics on our website and share them with others.

#15. Cat Wizard


#16. Stare

#17. Not Meat

#18. The Zoo


#19. Happy Death

#20. Breakfast

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