20 Comics That Depicts The Heartwarming Small Stories about “Fox” and “Otter”

“Foxotter space” is an Instagram account on which artist uploads comics about fox and Otter’s relationship. It is a Fox and Otter’s small story space. By uploading these small stories, the artist has currently 45.1k followers on their Instagram account. The artist first thinks a whole story and then converts this story into a drawing usually 4 panels or 9 panels.

Fox Otter Space is a short story space about Foxie (an arctic fox) and Otter. And despite their ways, these two are brimming with serious relationship goals. The artist says that it is a story about me and my wife Fox’s somewhat ordinary life with a tasty blend of funny, heartwarming, and love along the way.

The artist posted new comics every Sunday. If you are not following @FoxOtterSpace on Instagram, you are missing out. It really is so delicious and adorable that you will stop and say “aww cute” every time you read one. Check out some of this artists’ comics in the gallery below.

Credit: Fox Otter Space

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