20 Comics Lab Perfectly Shows Relatable Situations That Most People Face

Everyone can draw everyday struggles, awkward moments, and funny observations about the world that most people can relate to. But the main part is that it is difficult to show them in a hilarious way. There are many artists who make comics on such themes. But few of them have the skills to make people laugh. One of them we are about to discuss is the Comics Lab.

It is the Instagram account that is famous for making comics about relatable situations that most people face. The brilliant author who owns this comic series is a female artist. She is an artist from Pakistan who has a small audience of 1,056 people on her Instagram account. In her comics, she herself is the main character. If you want to enjoy or refresh the situations that happen to you, then feel free to check out the following gallery.

Credit: Comics Lab

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#1. Let’s Play A Game

#2. Fusion

#3. Three Wishes


#4. Problems

#5. Dog Lover

#6. No Refund Policy


She says that she has a dream to gain popularity in the world of comics. Although her comics are eye-catching and grab people’s attention, her inconsistency does not let her achieve her dream. You can see that every popular comic series updates comics on their social media accounts on a regular basis. Which makes them popular in the world of comics.

#7. So True

#8. Free Art

#9. Star Wars


#10. The Millionaire Show

#11. Tired of being used

#12. So True


#13. Meet New Friends

#14. Be Calm

Unfortunately, she is unable to make comics due to some personal reasons. But the comics she created over a period of time are fabulous and hilarious. She mostly gets the ideas for her comics from her daily life. Because she believes that the situations that happen to her can happen to others as well. If you also think so, then share this blog with others. So that we can see what other people think about this.

#15. Share A Secret


#16. Liking A Song

#17. Valentine’s Day

#18. Set Me Free


#19. Ever Experienced?

#20. Just Walk Away

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