20 Comics Illustrating the Funny Life of a Kitten Who Found a New Home

When Lucas Turnbloom and his wife rescued a sweet but naughty little cat in 2017, their lives changed forever. Now, Lucas’ cute black and white ‘How to feline’ comic, based on the cat’s sweet cat adventure, has become a global success and we have fallen in love with the cute but crazy cat.

The artist revealed that his comic began as an internal joke between him and his wife. However, he insisted that he put the images on the net for everyone to enjoy. Things got off there!

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Lucas and his wife found Sweetie in a shelter after visiting several homes. According to the artist, he opened the cat for about a month and rested around his new owners.

According to Lucas, Sweetie is a very nice, very cute cat. However, she can also be a little crazy about her shenanigans. Fortunately, this is a positive thing. It was brings a lot of fansatic to the artist and his family. In addition, Cato Lucas is a constant movement for comics.



“I’m glad people enjoyed this stupid little Comic. I hope it will continue for years to come,” Lucas told all his cats and comic lovers already. Said about the desire to attract and continue to attract.

Prior to “How to cat”, Lucas was best known for his scalistic graphic novel series “Dream Jumper”.
Lucas considers himself an artist, cartoonist, photographer, author, and guitarist. He, his wife, two sons, and Sweetie all live in San Diego, California.
















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