20 Comicada Comics Beautifully Sums Up Situations From Everyday Life

Every day is filled with strange scenarios, embarrassing encounters, and humorous catastrophes. Comics that capture these moments in a sympathetic way tap into our common experiences and make us laugh at ourselves and our surroundings. These everyday life comics can make us happy in a variety of ways, providing realistic humor, heartwarming moments, and a new perspective on the routine.

Every day we have to fight a struggle we must somehow overcome. But sometimes there’s no escaping the challenges, so the best thing to do is just laugh them off. Through her lighthearted and humorous comics, Anastasia ‘Stushona‘ Ivanova, better known online as Comicada, hopes to convey that message. Her following on Instagram currently stands at 106,000, which is a sizable audience. The gallery that follows features his top 20 illustrations.

Credit: Comicada

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#1. Cold Outside

#2. Hilarious

#3. Toys

#4. Life with cat

#5. Paws

#6. Hair Fall

Through her work, this amazing artist has captured the attention of her audience by revealing aspects of her personal life through a comic strip character. Nonetheless, Anastasia never ceases to astound us with her drawings since she constantly innovates and puts her subjects in strange circumstances while maintaining a humorous and enjoyable tone. Her primary goal is to make people laugh at commonplace scenarios that affect the majority of us.

#7. Halloween Costume

#8. Monsters

#9. Hilarious

#10. Wake Up

#11. No

#12. Eye Brows

She takes the mundane and turns it into something extraordinary, showing us the beauty and humor in the things we often overlook. This fresh perspective can help us appreciate the little things in life and find joy in unexpected places. When we laugh at the same comics, it creates a sense of shared experience and connection. If you want to enjoy her previous comics, then simply click here.

#13. Artist

#14. Alarm

#15. Don’t Cry

#16. Feeling Sad

#17. Late

#18. Pumpkin

#19. Two in One

#20. Christmas

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