20 Captain Sticky Comics Based on Hilarious Puns to Make You Laugh

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Treat relaxation like an important appointment because everyone is busy with their own tasks in such a busy life. No one has time for himself to enjoy. Constant busyness leads to burnout. Pay attention to your energy levels and take breaks when you need them. For this, even a short break can make a difference. In your free time, it is the best way to enjoy comics in order to make your mood better. For this, you have come to the right place.


The web comic series Captain Sticky is well-known for being able to find humor in the ordinary and in flawed situations. Richard Pesta created this little comic book series. This is a less well-known artist, but once you see his comics, you won’t be able to look away. Some of his greatest comics have been included in the below section. Scroll down if you want to appreciate them.

Credit: Captain Sticky

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#1. Brain In Jar

image 2708

#2. Election Day

image 2709

#3. Crypto Miner

image 2710

#4. Poisoning

image 2711

#5. Christmas

image 2712

#6. Local Robbery

image 2713

According to the artist, his most strange ideas came to him when he was acting stupidly and silently. He then skillfully integrates those concepts into his comics. The performer’s primary objective is to make the audience laugh with his witty puns and jokes. His interesting illustrations typically generate laughter from his audience because of his extraordinary drawing skills.

#7. Universe

image 2714

#8. Worry Too Much

image 2715

#9. Pretty Chill

image 2716

#10. News

image 2717

#11. Good Reason

image 2718

#12. Worst Thing

image 2719

#13. Hottest Tips

image 2720

#14. Halloween Party

image 2721

He generally uses four panels when creating his comics. He draws comics on a wide range of ridiculous subjects. However, they mostly focus on the amusing scenarios involving the character himself. His comics are definitely worth checking out if you’re searching for a good laugh or if you can identify with the sense of being a little bit weird. Remember to leave a comment about the comics you like best.

#15. Evil Spirits

image 2722

#16. Wisdom

image 2723

#17. Police

image 2724

#18. Duster

image 2725

#19. Kiss

image 2726

#20. Chocolate Cake

image 2727

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