20 Bunchee Comics Perfectly Shows the Situations We Faced in Our Daily Life

Comics that mirror our daily struggles make us laugh because we see ourselves in the characters. Seeing a funny portrayal of a situation we have all faced makes us feel like we are not alone. These types of comics show that these little things and struggles are part of the human experience. By laughing at our daily struggles, we can release some tension and gain a fresh perspective.

This is what an Instagram account with the username Bunchee Comics makes for his fans to make them laugh. He is the brilliant artist who joined the Instagram platform back in 2017. According to him, it is the perfect platform for many artists to start their comic series and gain popularity. The main reason that he has only 6,204 Instagram followers is that he stopped making comics in 2020. You can enjoy some of his best comics in the following section.

Credit: Bunchee Comics

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#1. Stay Inside

#2. Look Directly

#3. An Apple a Day Keeps the Doctor Away


#4. Surprise

#5. Can’t Sleep

#6. Emergency Button


The artist has a perfect sense of humor, and he mostly makes four-panel comics for his loyal fans. According to the artist, laughing at our daily struggles can be a form of relief and a release of tension. By seeing the funny side of these challenges, we feel that the same things happen to us as well. His comics are mostly enjoyed by people due to his fantastic drawing skills.

#7. already dead on the inside

#8. The Truth

#9. My thoughts on the new black hole image


#10. Bank heist gone wrong

#11. Everything must go

#12. Taking out the trash


#13. Honey is basically bee vomit

#14. Every weather is sweater weather

The artist has the perfect ability to turn everyday situations into something humorous and see the lighter side of things. Overall, his comics are worth watching because laughing at a comic that perfectly captures those frustrations can be a great way to feel better. If you want to enjoy more such types of blogs, then be sure to check out our website in detail.

#15. Future Boy


#16. Time

#17. hate this feeling

#18. Wrap Presents


#19. Don’t say it

#20. What’s the smallest size you have

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