20 Bun & Boo Comics Sums Up the Silly Moments of a Couple’s Life

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Many artists publish their comics on various social media platforms, like Instagram and Facebook, or on their own website. Some of them got so much popularity due to their hard work, but some are the hidden gems who make fabulous comics but are not able to get so much popularity. One of them is the Instagram account with the title Bun & Boo Comics. It is a comic series that has not gained widespread popularity yet.


There are many other great comics out there that capture the funny side of couples’ lives. With a little searching, you’re sure to find that this Instagram account perfectly captures the silly moments that happen in everyday life with couples. The artist currently has approximately 2,320 followers on her Instagram account. She mostly creates comics based on doing hilarious and dumb things with her partner, which you can see in the next gallery.

Credit: Bun & Boo Comics

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#1. Hands

image 2413

#2. Body Hair

image 2414

#3. Hug

image 2415

#4. New Game

image 2416

#5. Periods

image 2417

#6. Beautiful

image 2418

Boo is a female character. She is very motivated by her life goals. She began her profession of creativity when she was young. Bun is the male character, which is basically her partner. They both act foolishly, which they then capture in their comics so that everyone may laugh at the funniest parts and identify with them. They have engaging and simple-to-understand illustrations in their drawings.

#7. Light

image 2419

#8. Smoking

image 2420

#9. Finally Go Out

image 2421

#10. Eat

image 2422

#11. Bigger

image 2423

#12. Marry

image 2424

#13. So Comfortable

image 2425

#14. Need to leave

image 2426

The creators of the comics have been a couple for a long time. Their comics cover a lot more than just the adorable and humorous parts of romantic relationships. They also show the difficulties, highs, and lows that couples experience. They have a sizable social media following, and their comics have reached an attachment with people who are currently in relationships.

#15. Found Something

image 2428

#16. Looks Good

image 2429

#17. First Time

image 2430

#18. Let me Feed

image 2431

#19. Whiskey

image 2432

#20. Naughty

image 2434

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