20 Buddy Gator Comics About an Alligator Who Spreads Happiness and Positive Vibes

Buddy Gator Comics is a heartwarming web comic series created by Malaysian illustrator Chow Hon Lam. This comic revolves around Buddy Gator. He is the friendliest alligator in the world and spreads happiness and positive vibes wherever he goes. He is a famous artist who makes comics about positive messages about friendship, kindness, and acceptance. The artist’s main focus is to show the positive side of humans instead of the negative aspects.

Buddy Gator is a pleasant and kind alligator who is the main subject of his comics. However, the Gators’ best buddies are also massive rabbits, snakes, newborn ninja turtles, and other cute animals. As a family, they play together and support one another. On Instagram, he currently has 1.2 million followers. Check out his best comics in the section below if you wish to enjoy the same cute and pleasant moments.

Credit: Buddy Gator

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#1. Finish Line

#2. Hot Spring


#3. Roller Skating

#4. Yes, we Can

#5. Hope You Like It


#6. Help Help


The artist explains that his decision to create comics on alligators comes mostly from the fact that, when discussing alligators, people immediately think of how dangerous they are to people. We believe that alligators are among the most dangerous animals on the planet, which is why everyone is afraid to discuss them. But this artist changes our perspective by showing wholesome moments.

#7. Pop Corn Shop

#8. Need Help


#9. Welcome


#10. Midnight Band

#11. New Drum


#12. Big Field

#13. Accidently Fell


#14. Food Party


You’ll smile every time you read one of his comics, since they’re a heartfelt combination of humor and charm. According to him, alligators typically inspire fear in individuals. It is rare that we see alligators in a funny and enjoyable way in documentaries. But his comics show them in an adorable way by giving positive and heartwarming messages. If you want to enjoy more such positive comics, then click here, here, and here.

#15. Room Decoration

#16. Favorite Animals

#17. Left Or Right


#18. Harvest Time

#19. Taking A Photo For Sunny

#20. So Cute


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