20 Amazing Illustrations That Will Take You To The World Of Imagination




In our childhood we all were addicted to cartoons and animated characters. We used to live in world of imagination after watching their journeys. Those cartoon characters are still fresh in our memory. It seems as though it’s about just few months back. It left permanent impact on our mind.

Now whenever we see an illustration, it compels us to think how god gifted and talented these artist are. I mean how they add minor to minor details in the illustrations to bring them to life. We can’t even envision their efforts behind the scene. Today we are going to meet you with one of such person who has taken animated characters to a whole next level.

Anna Podedworna is an artist who lives in Poland. She’s been active in the field of illustrations since 13-years. Anna has also served on various freelancing platforms before stepping in the field of illustrations. She is working at GWENT: The Witcher Card Game. While studying she realize why not to create monsters for a living and that’s how this idea came in her mind. And by doing proper justice to her talent, she started serving in game industry. Apart from art, she loves biography and astronomy as well.

We have put together some of her mostly praised work across the globe. And I am absolutely sure you are gonna appreciate it as well after going through it. So scroll down and have a look at these amazing illustrations that will bring you back to your childhood and will take you to the world of imagination as well.


Image Source : akreon


Image Source : akreon


Image Source : akreon


Image Source : akreon


Image Source : akreon

Her commitment and dedication has earned her a huge fan following on Instagram, as she’s been able to gather 152k Instagram followers. I hope she’ll touch 200k milestone very soon the way she’s committed to her work. If you find it loving go ahead and follow her.


Image Source : akreon




Image Source : akreon


Image Source : akreon


Image Source : akreon


Image Source : akreon


Image Source : akreon


Image Source : akreon


Image Source : akreon


Image Source : akreon


Image Source : akreon


Image Source : akreon


Image Source : akreon


Image Source : akreon
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