20 Amazing Animals Illustrations That Will Leave You Stunned

Every pet owner or animal lover would love to see animals being disguised as some other creature. We daily see many entertaining posts on social media accounts where dogs and cats are turned into Disney characters. But have you ever imagined what if these pets would have been monsters? Who would like to see these adorable fluffy animals in monster avatar? We never seen them disguised as monsters.

However, there’s an artist named Siggi Magenta, who turn pets into beautiful cartoon characters and monsters as well. Her hard work has gain her huge fan following all over the world. Whenever someone tries to do different stuff from the other comparatives, they get positive responses. And that’s what actually true in the case of this artist.

If you have never heard of her before, you are lucky to be introduced to this amazing and talented artist, who has made everyone fan of her with her awesome illustrations. These illustrations will leave you stunned, the way she’s done detailing. It’s not everyone’s cup of tea to make such unique and impressive avatars. Only few people have been blessed with this talent and Siggi is one of them.

Well if you’re willing to see your favorite animals as a monsters or amazing animated characters, we are here to provide you the perfect thing you are looking for. We have attached some of her most incredible illustrations below that will surprise you for sure. So scroll down to see these masterpieces.




Siggi has her own Instagram account where she keeps updates her fans with all the latest illustrations. She has gain 17.3k Instagram followers.




Image Source : siggimagenta







Image Source : siggimagenta



Image Source : siggimagenta


Image Source : siggimagenta




Image Source : siggimagenta



Image Source : siggimagenta

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