20 Adorable Illustrations Will Take You to the Whisker-Whirling World of Cats


Hey there, fellow feline fanatics and comic lovers! Have you heard about the wonderland of whiskers over at @drewanimal on Instagram? Let me spill the beans on this pawsome artist who’s stealing hearts faster than a kitty snags a dangling string. Meet Nikita, the genius behind the scenes crafting these adorable and laugh-out-loud comics all about our furry friends—cats! Yep, those fluffy, mischievous creatures that rule the internet. With a whopping 764,000 followers (and counting!), Drewanimal has become THE go-to spot for anyone who adores cats or craves a good chuckle.

What’s the secret sauce to Drewanimal’s magic? It’s Nikita’s knack for capturing the pure essence of cats in the most straightforward yet utterly charming way possible. Imagine this: a comic strip that perfectly captures your kitty’s shenanigans, from stealthily plotting to steal a treat to a playful kitten turning your home into a circus ring. It’s all there, wrapped up in expressive drawings that make your heart do a little happy dance.

Credit: Drew Animal

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And hey, it’s not just about the daily dose of cat cuteness. Drewanimal goes the extra mile by turning your own beloved furball into a comic superstar! Yep, you heard that right—custom portraits of your cat that will make them the envy of all their four-legged pals. No wonder the commission slots are as scarce as sunny spots by the window!








Nikita’s comics are known for their simple yet expressive style, capturing the everyday antics and personalities of cats in a way that is both relatable and heartwarming. Whether it’s a cat trying to steal a snack, a mischievous kitten causing chaos, or a sweet moment of bonding between a cat and its owner, Drewanimal’s comics always manage to bring a smile to your face. Drewanimal also creates custom portraits of cats, turning your beloved feline into a comic strip star. Their work is incredibly popular, and their commission slots often fill up months in advance.










So, if you’re searching for a spot where cat-titude meets comic brilliance, @drewanimal is your jackpot! Get ready for a daily fix of giggles, heart-melting moments, and an overload of cuteness that will have you saying, “Pawsitively perfect!” Don’t miss out—join the Drewanimal fandom and let the adorable chaos of cats brighten your day, one whisker at a time!







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